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The final report is released! Click here to download a copy.


The website has been updated extenstively; new digital data sets have been added, as well as material from the public forums


The community forums are complete; look here to see some of the presentations

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This Michigan land use project was funded by:

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Final Project Report - 2007 December 12

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Appendix A: Corporate Owners and Ownership Change - 2007 August 13

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Appendix B: Economic Imacts - 2007 August 01
Also published as Michigan State University Land Policy Institute report #2007-06

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Appendix C: Overview of Local Regulatory Capacity - 2006 December 26

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Appendix D: Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership: One Community's Response to Landowner Transition

maps and images

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Who owns your forest? U.P. land area by major owner class

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Current large-tract corporate forestland ownership in Michigan's U.P.

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Corporate forestland divested in recent years

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Large-tract corporate forestlands that may have Higher and Better Use (HBU)

digital data sets

We developed spatial data sets specifically for this project. Each set comprised two ArcGIS shapefiles: one representing current (about 2005) and one historic large-tract corporate forest land owners. Dates varied by county and the range varied as well, from about 5 to 25 years. A variety of public sources were used to construct these sets, including published plats and county records. Not all corporate owners were included. No efforts were made to validate the reliability of the underlying sources; these data are wrong and users are warned to draw inferences carefully.

Queries regarding these data should be directed to Robert Froese (